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2002-02-24 00:35:30 (UTC)

Everything is Cold

People are cold, and heartless, because they want to be. Or
maybe because they have to be or due to experiance and
memories choose to be. I am cold and heartless because I
see my world as cold and dark.
Loners are the people in life who realize that human nature
and society isn't worth being with. They are the people who
see the evil of what people can do and what people will do.
I don't feel friends are worth it anymore. I don't feel
anyone is worth it anymore unless they can help me. Help me
change something in this world. To make things better for
everyone. To show people whats actually going on, to shed
away there obvious ignorance. Maybe I'll find these people
someday and they might help me create this new race of
human beings that will unite in one common good. everything in my life. Someday i really hope i
change something, someday i hope that i really find a true
friend...and a true life....for everything is nothing but
dark and cold, that is my life, agony4ever