stella's steamy paperback novel
2002-02-24 00:24:36 (UTC)

put me in a freezer like a reptile please!!!

its saturday night and i'm home alone, being a big fat
loser. i just couldn't do anything.

you know whats really really sucky? i'm sick all the time.
like i'm sure eveyone is tired of hearing about it and
they think i'm lying and stuff but i'm really not. i'm
sick alllll the time. i passed up a party and a night
w/hanging out with my boyfriend and now i'm home and
wasting away. all because i feel like i'd get sick all
over everyone and end up with no friends.

and you know, i don't mind staying home but i don't even
have anything productive to do. just sit here, vegetating,
by myself.

i can't even give myself a facial. maybe i'll just take a
bunch of my pills and make myself fall asleep. although
they make me really tired of really hyper.... i don't know
if i should risk it... hm....

well, i'm going to go see if joey wrote me back... sure
hope so.... cause the b/f ain't home so

wah!!!!!!!!! :*(