duff man

just my stuff and what not
2002-02-23 22:57:59 (UTC)

last night 23 feb

oh man last night at the concert washeaps good. i got there
at about 7 45 . i caught a train into wickham station and
saw wolfie and his friend i forget who at waratah and we
caught the same train. they were going to the hot house
thingo. i walked in there and it only cost $5 instead of $7
which is cool. $5 for 3 bands is good enough for me. the
first band i saw: Bitchcraft, kinda sucked. they werent
very good compared to the other 2 bands. it was an all girl
band and they played sorta girlie rock not really a punk
band. i went and bought a drink after that for $1 it was
some bilo brand but it tasted good so its cool. the next
band : Conation, is the best fucking band i have EVER
seen.they were so good. i dont know how to describe it. at
first i thought they were kinda at the drive in style
hardcore sorta but well it goes kinda manic screaming fast
pounding drums and fast guitar then it goes to eerily quite
guitar. almost silence. there was all these sXe kids there,
not the scary punk ones, but the cool skater skin type with
all expensive clothes and shit, and they all seemed to know
the band which leads me to beleive that they may
unfortunately be sXe. i dont have a problem with the whole
edge thing . its cool. but christian sXe is fucked. ok
anything christian is fucked. i hate religious "punk". it
really sucks. yeh well after they finished there awesome
set i asked the singer for a cd he said yeh ill go get it .
it only cost $12 and goes for half hour so its worth it.
easily. yeh so then creeping jesus came on and they were
good as usual. not as good as conation, though there styles
are different and conation has 2 guitarists which makes
them sound cool. well creeping jesus finished around 10 and
the last band didnt show up but thatwasnt too bad so i just
left and i was gunna go to the 24 hour maccas to buy a
drink and some chips maybe then i thought oh fuck maccas so
i just walked straight to the train station and as soon as
i got there a train came so i was sweet. by the time the
gig finished till i got inmy door was only like 10 minutes
which is cool. yeh well that was my night. today i think
ill clean my room and play my guitar for a while and oh
yeah i got my fucking homework to do as well. oh well
bye bye