Nick's Journal
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2002-02-23 22:33:47 (UTC)

Fuck Up

I learn more when i fuck up. isn't it weird how that
works? i mean you have to agree that you learn ten times
more from your mistakes than when you're succesful. i mean
don't get me wrong, i love being successful more than
being a failure, but it's just that it........isn't as
beneficial. i learn more in a class i get a C in than an
A because i worked my ass off for one and breezed through
the other. it's quite possible that you do'nt learn
jackshit when you fuck up a class, but if you try and
still fuck up then no doubt you've learned a lot. i just
find it frustrating that we're graded and that we have to
be in college. i wish that we could just learn, but then
again it would be overcrowded, employers wouldn't know who
to employ......blah blah blah.
i'm too tired.

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