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2002-02-23 21:54:37 (UTC)

Hey, I am 20 at last!!!

Dear Diary,

Wow! I turned 20 today!! Isn't that exciting for many of
you out there? Well, I didnt feel it was a special day. It
was another of those normal days. It came and went by
making my life one more day shorter :)

Nothing happened during the day just that Shujjat, Jeet and
Abhay gave me a surprise by coming home. Well, it was nice.
None of us were expecting them. These idiots put soooo much
of cake on my face, I had to go and take a shower. It was
all over my body and the chocolate wouldnt leave me :@
Spoiled my dress, my face (which has pimples on it now :@)
amd my hair above all!! But still, they get this chance
just once in an year so it okay. Took Abhay and Jeet out
for lunch and then came back home after dropping the two of
them home. Wow, it was fun in the end. Karishma came and
met me at Tandoor. He he he, smart of her calling Abhi and
asking him the location wanting to give me a surprise. Ah
well, met Shilpa today. Haresh forgot my b'day as expected.
He has just one person on mind so I dont even blame him.
Neways, doesnt matter.

Arreyy aaj gudiya bohut pyaari lag rahi thi. She is so
small, so sweet, so cute, just too adorable. I wish I could
just be with her and never leave her. She is just tooo
sweet. Small cute hands, her legs, her eyes....oooooooo
sheeeesss sooooooooo damnnn cute. Nazar naa lage usse meri.
Will tell Bhabhi to utarofy her nazar tomorrow.

One day...that will be the most happiest moment in my life,
not only in my life but every girl is the happiest person
on this earth with her own kid in her arms :$ Sigh..!! Will
I ever??

I just realised how tired I am and I want to sleep bad but
not before finishing this stupid presentation for 2mm. Need
to add in 2 - 3 more slides and then I am done with it. I
want to sleep today. I havent slept since ages I feel.

Never mind. Life goes on.

Jai Shree Krishna...

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