mental illness, yes it is real..

isn't life grand ??
2002-02-23 21:02:17 (UTC)

Niagara Falls ! - Officially Engaged !!!

well, sorry for not writing in a while, but i have been
busy,and I just got back from a short vacation in Niagara
Falls. Was kinda bummed but also happy (if you can be
both ? ) at the lack of snow, but we had a blast ! Lisa & I
are now oficially engaged, I popped the question at dinner
on thurs night while at the revolving restarurant in the
skylon tower. It was soo romantic, and food was great too.
We did lots of things, saw falls, behind the falls, spanish
cable care, butterfly conservatory, guiness world record
museum,hard rock,planet hollywood...if i forgot anything ,
im sorry... I think i am going to get an interview for the
dispatching job @ mt holyoke college too, i got a phone
call on fri , before we got back, i have to return call on
mon am, wish me luck.... I am hoping that the joob pays at
least as well as what i am making now, we will have to see..
I guess that is about it for now, if anyone wants to write
with any questions or comments, id love it, it would be
nice to see if anyone is actually reading this...
TTFN --- Cya ! Caio !