What you never knew
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2002-02-23 20:42:09 (UTC)


I'm going to dedicate this particular entry in just letting
you guys get to know who I am and some of the people in my
life so that you know what the hell I'm talking about.
First of all, my name is Amie and I do live with both my
parents at this time. My best friends are Jen and Kaitlin.
They will most likely be in my entries alot. Then there is
Matt. He is my boyfriend and I do write about him alot. I
have so many problems and I write to get them out. I have
been told that people look up to me because I go through so
much and I am such a strong person. I am one of those
people who really doesn't care what ne one thinks or what
you say about me. Peace, I'm out for now till next time.

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