The Eye Into My Soul
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2002-02-23 20:41:54 (UTC)

So much to say...

I haven't had time to get on and write anything recently
and now I have tons of stuff to say because so much has
happened in the past week.

I am currently sitting in my house in Indiana rather than
in my dorm room. I came home yesterday so that I could get
my muffler fixed this morning... which did happen after
much running about and finagaling(sp?). First we went to
Neil's Muffler Shop because the pipe that needed replaced
connects the manifold to the converter my dad says this is
a very bad thing to screw up and therefore he did not want
to chance it. So, we took my car over to Neil's (it was
going to cost us $225 to get it fixed here!) but they
didn't have the pipe that was needed and couldn't get it
until Monday, well on Monday I will, of course, be back at
school (that wouldn't work at all). Then dad and I went
over to Midas (here is would cost $191... just for the pipe
not including the labor... Sheesh! thinking that as they
are a larger muffler shop thay would be more likely to have
the needed part... WRONG! They did not have the piece and
couldn't get one in until Friday! (Blah on these places not
having the correct parts!) Finally, we went to A-Z Muffler.
They also did not have the part but the guy asked dad if he
wanted the car to be fixed or if he wanted that specific
part and Dad said he pretty much just wanted it fixed so
the guy fixed it for a grand total of $55... YAY! Oh, and
it actually sounds great.. no more being embarrassed about
the loudness of my car.

Something else fabulous happened to me last week. This guy
that I am friends with from Honors asked me out... I said
yes. It's a much more complicated story then that because
he has liked me for a couple of months(he wanted to ask me
out on Valentines Day but V-Day is such a huge day for love
that I think he was a bit overwhelmed). Anyway, we have
these mutal friends (Jay and Mary) and Mary asked me what I
thought of him and I said that I was interested in him. She
said that we (the 4 of us) could go out for dinner the next
night but Trav ended up asking me before then. I was
sitting in front of Fields talking to Dirty when Trav and
Buttah came out. We sat and talked for a while and when
Dirty left he walked me to my room... he asked me out on
the way to my room and we made plans to watch movies at the
HOuse that night (this was Wednesday). He is a great guy...
very funny, sweet, does very well holding up his end of a
conversation (some of the male gender have a bit of trouble
paying attention if you talk for very long), and I really
like him! YAY for us!

I'm highly amused by the amount of sex talks I have
received in the last couple of days. I got one from my
friend Scott (thanks for being so big brother-like). Then
my roommate, Jacks, asked me if I planned on sleeping with
him (a little early to be thinking about that just yet) and
my mom gave me the whole be carefull (or rather don't be
stupid) spiel last night. Ummm... I have told them all that
if (yes I mean "if") Trav and I decide to have sex (not any
time in the near future) we will be very careful although
at the current moment I am not even thinking about that
part of the relationship as we just started dating.

Oh, one more thing... I got a high B on my first test in
EDF 207... Blah on the education classes that I have! I am
very happy about this since I thought that I did really

Well, that's all my news for now...