2002-02-23 20:31:25 (UTC)

Wild Night

There was a dramatic and sudden thunder and lightening show
last night about 10 p.m. John had already fallen asleep
and I was reading my new Ruth Rendell when I thought I heard
a rumbling sound. I looked out the window just in time to
see a flash. The rain came pouring down. Just to be on the
safe side I went to the kitchen and started up the
dishwasher and moved the wet clothes from the washer to the
dryer and started it up. I remembered the last time I'd
had warning the electric might go out and ignored it until
it was too late. I checked the flashlight beside my bed
too; it worked fine.

John woke up about then and we realized we hadn't shut off
any of the computers so I did mine and John went to the shop
to shut his off. We watched the end of the Olympic
exhibition skating which was wonderful. We had stayed up
the night before to watch the ladies figure shaking and I
was glad we had. Sarah Hughes is wonderful! She's not only
athletic and graceful, it's obvious she's enjoying herself
as well and that's delightful to see. I didn't watch
as much of the Olympics as I'd planned. The bickering and
whining from the losers is so annoying. I blame it all on

The electric flickered once but didn't go out. Thanks
goodness for that! Again, there was no warning from the
weather people that we were going to have a storm. I looked
at the weather forecast page this morning and at 10:58
p.m. last night, an hour after it had all started, the
following was posted:

**National Weather Service radar shows a large area of
thunderstorms at 11 PM extending across west central Oregon
from the Coast Ranges to The Cascades and moving slowly
north. The thunderstorms are already into the southern and
central Willamette Valley.""

Big help, that!