Evil Elvis
2002-02-23 20:27:14 (UTC)

swiss cheese....lunar escapism.....acrobat tumbles....

Oh my, how I've neglected this thing....spose I better
write something or I'll get the email from the "life nazis"
that reminds me how dull and boring I am, cos I've never
done anything worth talking about....

Had some time off work the last few days, mainly to try and
get some sleep, reflect, plan and re-focus....mainly what
I've actually done is drink beer :) Spose there's a place
for it though....

I have finally got me some sleeping done tho...even stayed
in bed til 12 the other day, just cos I could...was
fantastic, although I hate the lethargic feeling I get from
being in bed so long (I know I really shouldn't moan about
it...so I won't!!)Louise bought me some bath type
thing....that you put int he bath to help you relax....very
very nice of her!!! I will give it a go tomorrow, but I can
say already that it smells really yummy!!! :)

Have been investigating my old school rawk roots
too.....listening to a lot of oooooold rawk like Free,
Zeppelin and Bad Company, as well as newer bands with an
old school edge to them.....I've decided against trying to
be the next big thing and instead just wanna RAAAAWK!!!
With this in mind, I've written about 3 pretty decent songs
(I think) that do indeed raaaawk. Also, and this is the
weird thing...although I am keeping them really simple
(simple=more rawking in my book) they are really pushing my
playing on...I've even been dabbling with solos!!! UNHEARD
OF!!!! We will see....I wanna buy flares and an afghan coat
and relive the 70's!!! even tho I am too young to actually
remember them, it does remind me of the blues band I was in
when I was 16.....and I guess I do miss those times, so

Hmmm...I sound positive.....guess I must be then ;)