Reality Bites
2002-02-23 20:12:22 (UTC)

People these days

Geez! You know what? If I wasn't in such a good mood, I'd
be really offended by what someone sent me, it was like
making fun of me for saying that mixing Ni-quill w/ diet
pills messed me up the other day. Well, I did take like 12
Ni-Quill and like 8 diet pills so I think that just maybe
that wasn't a good idea, I didnt take like 2 Ni-quill and
complain that it messed me up..sorry! Im not that lame!
Anyways.....Last nite I went out to dinner w/ the fam and
then went to a party, OH WOW it was SO fun! What I remember
that is...I hooked up w/ this hot guy that's in my Science
class, so that was fun! He's really hot! Alyssa and I met
these really fun girls from a different school and they
were like loads of fun. We like did such crazy things in
our drunken maddness lol, like stupid stuff but still fun.
They have a bunch of mutual friends w/ us so we're all
gonna chill today after I sleep 4 awhile, then Alyss and I
are going into the city. My mom wants me home tonite tho
even tho we're not coming back til like 3 in the morning,
she's a retard, she wants me to sleep in my own bed, I
think she just knows I'd get drunk if I knew I didnt have
to come home...which I'll give her lol. Whatever it'll
still be fun.

Eddie and I have been like talking through friends lately
like, "Tell her I say what's up sexy" and cute stuff like
that! He's majorly hot!! I really hope SOMETHING works out
w/ us...gtg lator gator!