.Scream Your Dream.

Emo Violence
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2002-02-23 20:01:08 (UTC)

last night, she said...

never gonna feel so low...

no i dont know the words to that song, but last night was
crazy... i was sick all day (thursday was a night mare
involving a cocky boy, a 4 hour drive and a race track,)
ended with me getting home at 10pm, and being so sick, i
cant even describe.

so i pushed my self to go to school on friday, because i
wanted to go to the show, i had made mixtapes for sam and
zac and wnated to see them both. school wasnt that bad,
slow but not particularily bad, considering i had only gone
3 days last week, so i was chillin with ben after school
and he suggested we make a run to newport to get painballs,
i was all about it cause we could stop at sam's and we
could chill for a while, and we did, i really like sam, hes
a nice boy, his little brother was there too, i gave him
the tape and he gave me a little zine and one that jamie
(rescue the past) had made, i felt special. he told me his
mom was in the hospitol but wouldnt say why, (he sorta kept
that low key the whole night) we came home and i later
headed for the show, only paying 1/2 price was cool, and
the bands were great, i saw zac, i was suprised he came,
hes a good kid, made me sad though, just i dont know. i
gave him the tape at the end of the night and i felt stupid
doing it. i dont know, i just did, he was around a nice
boy i forget his name, he looked young though. the violent
dancers during the stryder were out of hand, and i was
embarassed that these kids are in my scene, the band even
stopped playing to tell them to calm down, todd kicked a
girl hard, and there was a fight-sorta. i was pretty
ashamed of the kids.

afterwards, i made plans with caitlyn annie and jono to
chill at my house, zac gave me a ride home, cause my
friends alreaady left, but i wsa still home late, ben was
there with brock, they were chillin in the basement,
caitlyn brought a full bottle of bacardi, and after that,
beer pong, music, poker and black jack, there was another
12 pack of beer gone, and about all the bacardi, everyone
crashed at around 5am, i was tired and sick so i slept
early, mom was cool about everyting.

im ready to stay home tonight and chill, sleep in tomoorw
and hang out. time for a nap now though, wish i wouldve
slept more this morning.


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