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2002-02-23 19:23:05 (UTC)

"Understanding" Feb 23, 2002

Today was a day or understanding and hard feelings from
other people. Obviously I found out alot about myself and
others. First of all I found out more about my culture
yesterday in SLC's "Discover The Navajo". Because I am
adopted I don't know much about my culture but mostly about
my mom's Kiowa side. When I saw they're way of living I
think to myself how thankful I was to be adopted. Seeing
how some of them lived had broken my heart and brought a
tear down my cheek. Knowing their was relatives surrounding
me I never felt so in place before. When I met the Navajo
code talkers I am greatful our language saved most people
from the war of "Desert Storm". It was almost like going
back in time and reassuring myself that I am someone of a
great culture and family. It was like a ending of my
journey to find who I am and who I may be like when I'm
older. I also had a great time in SLC I saw "Winter Fest"
and "Ice Village"! But today I found something out that's
bothering me mostly and it concerns me. Chris thinks that
girl's are evil way evil. I really truelly think one hurt
him when he cared most. But, obviously she didn't care
enough to hold that relationship strong. He's in a deep
thought as I can reassure you about girls and why they do
the stuff they do. This is the boy I like but he doesn't
want a girlfriend because of this. I told him he could tell
me anything and I wouldn't hurt him at all. Mostly anyone
can tell me anything but someone cut him heart deep. I told
him to think while I leave him alone to do so. He was nice
about it and said thanx babe. I have mixed emotions about
him now I don't know if I can like him because if I ever
did one thing to piss him off or hurt him I wouldn't be
able to stand strong again knowing I hurt a person like
that. As of right now I will let it take it's course and
see where this will all end up and it will end up how it's
supposed to be. Peace Out/Manda