Tinker Bell's daily amount of goofy
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2002-02-23 19:12:31 (UTC)

Long time......!

Long time no post here, either! Well, vacations are almost
over, yuck.
Eveyday I illustrate a little, I CG a little, I read a
little (a lot!), i'm reading 2 books: one about sir
Lancelot, and A Study in Scarlet (the 1st Sherlock Holmes
long novel)

Damn, and I was just getting used to my spare time.

Anyway, I went to the ophtalmologist yesterday, and she
said I still have good eyes, but there are some things I
just can't see very well, specially letters that are a
little far (I couldn't read the fourth row very well,
specially with one of my eyes).
So, now I need reading glasses. Cool, coz I kinda wanted
glasses anyway. Glasses are cool per se.
I hope I can find some not too expensive ones, that look
like Harry's...that'd just rule.

Oh, I know what I can post here! I'll go post a little
essay I wrote the other day, inspired by the people writing
fanfics, or creating potential fanfic characters, and Mary-