2002-02-23 19:11:08 (UTC)


It's been a minute since I've had a really good time when
going out. I must say that last nite was something I really
needed. I was getting really bored and last nite fulfilled
that void I was feeling. Me and Sherita went to the games
last nite. They were at Westside. I had a good time. I
didn't think me and Sherita would have so much fun, but we
did. That was my first time really hanging out with her. I
got to see Daryl. Aw, they lost last nite. He wasn't crying
though. I got a chance to speak to him briefly. It was sooo
smooth the way he did it too. He sent his friend to where
his lil brother was and then he got up and gave me a signal
to come where he was at. It was tight....even Sherita said
it was. Well, I didn't get to talk to him that much. His
mother is a trip....not in a bad way. She told me bye and
everything. I don't want to say anything too prematurely or
anything. BUT I know when I run into those kind of dudes
that I CRUSH over, and Daryl Neal is definitely that! Like,
I still have my thing for Kellen. It's not like I'm really
liking two people at the same time or anything. It's not
even that I'm confused. I don't really plan to be with
neither one of them. Either way....it's long distance. So,
they will be my friends and nothing more. But Daryl is
someone who will be mentioned in my entries for a
while....I got that feeling!(smiles) But anyway, I ran into
ole Rashad. He is psycho! Psycho Bob! Like I've said
before, I won't take that route. I met a lot of new people.
Sherita met a dude that goes to Savannah High. He was a
cutie. We tripped out with the bball team from Gross High,
in Savannah. We taught them how to say "STUNN-IT!" It was
cool. The coach's son from that team was there.....he was
that damn deal! My mind was with Daryl, so I let Sherita
jump on it. She talked to him and we found out where they
were staying. So, me and Sherita being the females that we
are......we went to go check them out. Thing is....both
Gross and Savannah were staying in the same hotel. It was
cool though. We tripped out with both teams. I'm not sure
if they got the wrong idea....Savannah High.....Gross knew
the deal. I liked the boys from Gross better because they
were real and true. I guess that's because we sat with them
at the game and tripped out with them more. They play our
boys today. GO BRAVES!!!! So, this entry is for the boys we
met last nite. SILKY, PIMP C(Pepsi, as Sherita would say),
the dude that looked like he could be a part of the Baha
Men, the lil dude that actually got the word "STUNN-
IT!"....that Savannah boy who will be going to Morehouse to
major in chemistry, #5 from SHS, and the lil man who they
kept telling to go to bed. OH YEAH, Zack.....cute lil white
boy......and the other boys(whatever they were)who were
suppose to save our seats. Last nite, I had a good time.
It's been a while since I've said that without complaining!


*BG*-Baldwin Girl
'L-A-P: Dunlap
C'WOOD-Carrington Woods
J-PIN:some lil odd name my brother game me(?????)