emo kween

i hug pillows
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2002-02-23 19:03:34 (UTC)

ho hum

it is saturday. im home alone. and i just got outta the
shower. theres nothing going on.

but i am soso excited about tonite. brandtson and liars
academy. its gonna be great. and nicole is actually gonna
go!! can ya believe that? haha.

and i invited reese. but she couldnt go. and were friends
now. like' friends'. haha. thats always a good thing.

yesterday was fun! idont know if i wrote about it. ?

nicole picked me up and belo was with her. we went to
maury, got outa the car and like walked around as if we
went there...and i even saw leigh. haha. and i reallly
wanted to go to run itno scott. and he wasnt even there!

haha and i saw stephens car so i left him one of my nerdy
lil notes that im famous for. atleast i think so. :]

umm.....i dont know what i wanna do with my life and i
think its upsetting my parents. actually i know it is.
but what can i do?? im not the type of person that really
thinks that far ahead [ok 2 years ahead] and im so
confused. i wanna figure things out on my own. i wanna do
what i wanna do and i wanna make mistakes and have fun. and
go to some rad shows. :]


im thirsty.