humming bird

my F***ed up head
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2002-02-23 18:44:08 (UTC)


oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit.. my ass is getting into
tooo much shit right... oh listen so i told robby...this
kid who likes me... that whatev i cant do stuff with him
becuz of jason becuz jason forgave me once but i know he
wont do it a second time if i do anythign with robby oh but
megan likes robbys friend art and art made her think that
he liked her too and now he has to tell her that he doesnt
like her but he just told me that he liked me and art is
cute as shit i love that kid he is so cool and yeah maybe i
got a lil crush on him but i dont care becuz JASON! oy what
the fuck is wrong with me and i cant do anything about art
becuz of robby and becuz of meg omg i am not gonna do that
to meg no no no i love that girl to death i haveknown her
since first grade i am not doing that to her so to damn bad
for me... k bye..julz