the life of a precious one
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2002-02-23 18:26:45 (UTC)

i miss him...

its been 23 days since he had left...here i am in singapore
and he is halfway round the world..travelling..do i really
like him?if i do..i would wait for him..but i guess its no
use..cos he already has a girlfriend who is waiting for him
as well...is it jus me?do i have a problem?
but hey whos complaining..? i jus saw him online..im real
glad to see him online.. asked the usual questions like how
was he and where he was..its like 7pm in spain(where he is)
and 2am here in singapore(where i am)
im like feeling damn troubled now...i dont think ive fallen
for him..or at least im telling myself not to! i know that
i dont love him..cos love is too strong..and i know i dont
you know like him..till the extent to do stupid things..
but i jus have feelings for him..prob its jus a crush
i told him i like him and he was surprise..and oh well..i
guess i have to try to forget about him...i mean..hey!he
already has a girlfriend whom he's with for like 2years
plus?although i heard that he's feelings are wearing off
already..but..im not that evil to like do anything and be
the slut-bitch-idiot of the century...cos i dont think he's
that worth it..haha..crap..im feeling such a loser now.. it
jus like having the feeling of telling the wall something
and it jus bouces back and hit you right in the face...
is that what life is?if you tell someone what you feel
towards him/her...its would jus bouce off the wall and hit
right smack into your face??? lucky for me..i dont like him
till the extent of not studying... its an important year
for me ...and if i screw this year up..i'll hang myself..
my heart hurts...is that the after effect of trying to shut
feelings out of your life?is it true that if the more you
reject it, the more it'll hurt?? i guess its jus questions
that are too hard to be answered.....

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