Goddessdeluxes Diary
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2001-05-03 03:54:33 (UTC)

TOday is Raevun and I 's seven month anniversary

From the day we first met. I bought him flowers, he bought
me flowers, a big stuffed bumblebee, and a beautiful card.
He is making dinner and I love it when he cooks. I have
been soooo busy. bought a new bed, richard ALOT of
clothes, paid some bills, i just keep trying to figure out
where all the $ went to.i am short by about 500 and i dont
understand it.

We are a little short now. I dont really understand how it
happened but it did and now the SS payents dont kick in for
a month and we may not have enough for our trip by july 15.
Well, We will have to see.

I am going to go eat a wonderful george foreman dinner now.


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