Unholy and Dirty and Beautiful Me
2002-02-23 17:21:49 (UTC)

Waiting for the news.

This morning I awoke to a phone call, a friend in
tears...telling me another friend is dead. Killed. Beaten
to death in a jail cell. A thousand tears, few more phone
calls and a couple of hours of waiting to hear it on the
news and I still don't know for sure. There has been
nothing on the news, and yet the person who apparently
started telling people heared it on the news. So why isn't
it on the news? In our small town & the not-so-big city
next to us surely it would be a big story. But nothing is
on the news.

I'm very close to the family, it's D's brother I'm talking
of supposedly being dead. I called D's house (he called
yesterday about the wedding, our plans were on & he should
be calling me today but he's not home...) and when I spoke
to his step-mom, nothing. She sounded fine. I asked how she
was, D wasn't home, and she said Fine..asked how I was.
Friendly & upbeat as ever. Surely she would know...if it
WAS on the news, the family would have to know right??

ApK just called, someone she knows just heared it on the
news. WHY AM I NOT HEARING IT ON THE NEWS!?! I am just a
mess...what the hell???