A Hippie's Thoughts......
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2002-02-23 16:07:34 (UTC)

I'm Back=]


dang its been awhile since Ive written in this stupid
journal. They keep sending me emails telling me I Need to
update it. So Here I am..Updating it. Neways..This week has
been too slow~!!!!!!!!!! I really don't like school,
especially Drivers Ed. I Think my teacher is like gay or
something? Who knows!!!!!! Anywho, I went bowling last
night..Yeah umm wanna know my score? Dont laugh okay? ok ok
ok Yea it was a 29. =[ I Cant help it..I Suck at bowling.
Glenn spent the night with me..Yea so emm I Just wanted to
write! So okay umm Bye!!!



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