Nya The Rogue

The Journal of Now
2002-02-23 14:51:27 (UTC)

First Entry In Awhile

Oh man!I was on a streak too!I havent written in a while!Ah
well, lets see what I need to catch up on...Oh yah!We got
puppy pictures last Tuesday when they were 2 weeks old.Its
like this little yellow blob with ears and beady eyes!Puppy!
Haha!Its alost three weeks old now.That means that I have
about five weeks till I can pick it up.Sweeeeeeeeaaaaaat!

Theres a new game I'm playing that really rocks!Its called
Oni.Its about an agency called the TCTF.They must battle
againt the Syndicates. This takes place in 2032. The main
character is Konoko. Shes one of the TCTF. Shes mega
strong, fact, she just plain kicks butt.Grrrr!And I cant
play it now cause its at my dad's house and it doesnt work
on my computer.*sigh*.

A couple of days ago, we had an assembly at school. These
jamacan guys came in and played a whole bunch of cool music
for us.They still sis that "can you say _________" thing,
like the assembly before that, but at least their music was

Well, there wasnt too much to say considering that I havent
written in a while.

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