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2002-02-23 14:18:55 (UTC)

everythings wrong

dear anyone who reads this,
everythings wrong for me at the moment. at the start of
the summer everything was great, i dont think ive ever
felt better but now nothings right. My best friend ever
wont talk to me like a friend anymore, she keeps
making snide comments about how she prefers to talk
to her boyfriendwhos over on the otherside of the
godamned country. whats more i really think im not
'straight' if you know what i mean. like i spend more
time admiring girls and soemtimes, when im real close
to someones face, i wonder what it would be like to just
reach over and kiss them. i really wanna join the army,
especialy after seeing black hawk down. its a shame
they dont let girls into the SAS because if they did id be
there in a shot even if it makes it more likely that i do get
shot. I cooked a huge meaal for everyone in our family,
the four of us plus grandparents. i spent the whole time
looking at my brother and wishing he would eat it. now i
know how my parents felt when theyd make me dinner
and id be to full of eating crap to even touch it. i have to
write 300 words of a mills and boon book for an english
assignment. i thought maybe id start it at the big day out
in the mosh pit but not let on that thats where it is.
hehehe the teacher would love that.
"my muscles contracted as i thrust myself higher, my
slippery body, drenched in my sweat and the sweat of
the boy pressed against my chest, burnt up in the heat
of the moment. as the atmosphere wound up to its
exausting, exillerating climax i willed myself to keep on
going, pushing my body harder and harder until i
colapsed backwards. luckily the croud was packed in
so tightly around me that i was able to remain upright
and not get crushed by the huge moshpit infront of the
stage where my favorite band where jamming away on
a hot summers day."
that sounds hell pornographic doesnt it. i have the
coolest english teacher. shes a sex starved hippy and
is teaching us the literary side of lurve as she puts it.
anyway its late and hot and i have to go to bed and
escape to valdemar where all of my favorite heralds are

until next time,

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