my life and thoughts
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2001-05-03 02:28:35 (UTC)

another fun day ..

today was actually an alright day .. besides the fact i was
being harassed all day by some of my guy friends ..hah they
are all crazy i swear .. anyways ..all the cchoir left
today to go to virgina for a contest thing for like 5
days .. so school is going to be real dull since my school
isnt really big neways .. and jason wenton it too .. and
ppl are wondering why i didnt break up with is because we
talked ..and i like him more than neone ive ever even
thought bout ,, its all weird .. and it wasnt exactly his
fault ..i talked to othersthat were at the party where the
girl took advantage of him .. and at least he was honest
enough to tell me that happened and not be like other guys
that try to hide it ..but i dont know ..maybe him gone for
4 day will make me actually be able to think about all
this ..i just love how life is ya know its so wonderful .
it would actually be nice u know if things would go right
for everyone .. i know my life may not be as hard as others
may have it bu it sure as hell aint easy ..but its life i
guess.. i got to live with it .