El Diablo
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2002-02-23 11:00:26 (UTC)

potentially special day......

Dear diary,
Today could have been a potentially special day. had been
waiting for this day for a very long time. but like i said,
its only "potentially" special.
my parents and sis are going to abudhabi today to meet a
friend. she had twin daughters. naughty little devils they
are. but cute never neverthe less. If one starts crying in
one room the other automatically starts in the other
(amazingly). i wasent in the mood of going anywhere today,
although i would have loved to drive all the way up to
Again today i slept at 3. and got up on the dot at 7:30 .
my father was beside himself with anger when he came into
my room at 3:00 and saw me awake. so i had to try and sleep
wether i liked to or not. oddely enough, i am not feeling
sleepy now either. will wait for mum to make a cup of tea
and then watch something on tv.
cleaned the house up a bit in the morning and tried to work
on my "small group communication" project. dident feel like
sitting on the internet, so i wrote it on my own. managed
some 850 - 900 words..... will see if i get somme more
ideas by evening.
i have two more things pending for the next week - my
srnior theses project and my speech on current topics. I
just want this crummy semester to get over. this is my
final one. Will be getting my Bachlors in CIS after that.
When college finishes i can finally forget all the problems
and try to move on in my life. I got a new job in a French
international company. They wanted me to join immidiatly
but i told them that i need to give my old company a months
notice. but now.... all the excitement that i had in
getting the new job and buying a car etc has died out(like
me). I want to just be where i am and forget the world.

By the way, if there is anyone out there who actully reads
through the crap that i write, I need some help. Can you
guys suggest a topic for me to give a speach on? It can be
anything that is relevant in todays world and can vaguely
be linked to globalization. i thought of "the resission"
or "the anti money Laundering law" that were passed
recently, bu they are not my kind of topics. will be open
for any suggestions. thanks.

My computer is a bit under the wether today so i wont
trouble her too much. She has been my only friend from the
beginning and i can be sure that she will continue to do
so. will sign off now.

Take care

Prashant PS