Mr. Mister

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2001-05-03 02:23:56 (UTC)

A Few Days Later

Work work work. Good for me because I have less time to
wallow in self pity. I'm feeling a bit better about not
seeing M. I think a few more weeks and the initial pain
will have worn off. We've moved into the new space at work
and I'm pleased with it. Norburg and I have been working
very well together and getting things done. I'm glad he
works there, he's the nuts. Green is the nuts too. I'd
say that about 25% of the staff is worth a damn and I'm
gald we have that many. The Melner is pissing me off and I
think I hate all the other floor people. I'll get over
that too. Big nastyness with the tip pool, I think doom
awaits the system at Canterbury. I hope not, I don't want
to leave Minnesota just yet.

Mom and Pop celebrated 39 years of marriage yesterday at a
pizza place with Pop bitching about how uncomfortable he
was. I think that's somewhat romantic. He can't have his
leg at 90 degrees yet beacuse of the broken hip. Ma could
spot the depression in my voice and I gave her the reader's
digest version of the M saga.

Life continues ruthlessly as if the world didn't revolve
around me. I hate realizing that.

Double L doesn't make her self very available anymore. I'm
done trying to include her in my life. I'm kinda
dissapointed about that, not because I want to get romantic
with her, but because I enjoy her company.

Kyle and I have a great time talking. We graduated from
pool (where I always win) to drinking coffee now that the
weather permits outdoor seating.

Who the hell reads this?