2002-02-23 07:58:19 (UTC)

you've decided to love me for eternity

and im still deciding who i want to be today.

hmph. so im talking to adam. cus i think he really thinks
poorly of me now and it bothers me. and also it bothers me
that he is so mean to me about stuf that i really DO care
about... lol hes like "the first step is to get matt out of
your life already cus he's stayed way past his welcome if
you ask me"... no shit... well anyway. so i went to work
and almost got fired for insubordination.. but then i made
a sale and left.. then i went to see queen of the damned
with caroline.. uh it sucked, it was scary and gross and i
slept a lot of the time, i felt bad cus she really wanted
to see it but i suppose she enjoyed it anyway so its no big
deal no one was upset... then claudia and i went and got
coffee and talked... hm. wow im guna go to bed. im over