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2002-02-23 06:54:08 (UTC)

Brown Eyed Trap

Today set itself out amonst the others as a good day. This
is the first time in a while I can remember writing and not
being upset or crying. Im am still confused though.
Meredith who just moments ago stunned me with another
attempt to take me back, has sent me in to a state a
bewilderment. Today has confused me and I feel that
Meredith is lying again just for a date to turn about,
which today got even more confusing where I was FORCED by
my friends to a blind date with the girl who I would be
spending turn about night with. Ashley would be her name
and this again leaves me even more confused. Today at lunch
rumors of me and meredith floated around as casual secrets
that I was not able to obtain, I dispise secrets, and I
hate when I am left out, becuase I fear being alone. If you
(the reader) is still wondering what the point of this
entry is, well im not quite sure. Just as I am still unsure
of merediths intenetions, but whenever I think of her, I
think of her eyes, I am a sucker for a girl with pretty
eyes, and I when I think of thoes eyes, I feel like they
could never lie to me, but then they have, and this is
where I fear the trap begins.