The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-02-23 06:09:33 (UTC)

My wonderful foot...

So yes, my random foot/ankle injury of last Tuesday is
worse, and I get to go get it looked at tomrrow! Hooray,
how nice is that? I get to also take my damn compter back
in to get looked at. I am so sick of it breaking, I just
got it fixed less than a month ago! Ugh.

So I went to see my dad today, it was great! My doggy was
so happy to see me! I miss him lots! I also miss my dad! I
worry about him alot, I know he gets lonlely and misses my
mom terribly!

I HAVE A DATE TO MY FORMAL! Bob asked Chadd and he said
YES! Yay, were going to have fun fun fun!


Plinko is a fun fun game. That was to those of you who know what I

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