Mandy Kay

Tales of Life as a Good Girl
2002-02-23 06:02:55 (UTC)

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Current mood: Hmmm
Current music: Come What May from Moulin Rouge

Why did I procrastinate seeing Moulin Rouge for so
long?!?! At the risk of sounding like a loser...oh, too
late- it was brilliant. Pamela came over, and we hung out
and watched it. I've never seen a movie like that one and
I never will again. Just too cool, that's all. Am now
addicted to singing Ewan McGregor. Lord help us all.
Anyhoo, speaking of movies, which I am, we watching a
piece of Schlindler's List in English today. Thank God I
have not seen the whole thing. I don't think I can bear
any more of it. 10 minutes and I spent all of third and
fourth period sobbing. It was quite awful. I'm pretty
sensitive about violence, and the senseless killing just
didn't go down well. From then on, everyone kept asking me
what was wrong, why I seemed down, I was acting different
and was I ok. Well, no, I was not.
I wrote poem about it all during Spanish about it, cuz
you know it always clears my head. It made sense at the
time but now it seems dumb, especially when the nosy girl
in front of me goes, what in the heck are YOU doing? agh.
"Through Time" by me.
In these days,
Black and white T.V. is only a novelty
So he used it against us, played on our emotions,
And made us watch it in English class.
I shut my eyes, tell myself the mother's screams are fake,
It's only pretend blood and movie magic
Still the voices of the tormented echo through 60 years
And make my heart ache with theirs
As their children are torn away.
I am a child of the days when some dare to laugh
So I check to see if my mascara runs
Then go home to tell my mother I'm scarred for life
Some things span across the generations
Some things canbe felt and not explained
And I remember the days when the little girl in the red
coat was me. I wonder why I was allowed to walk free.
In these days I can only thank God and wonder
What it might by like to say yitgadal veyitkadan shme raba

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