2002-02-23 05:39:11 (UTC)

A Little Outing

This morning was full of housework and quilting and other
little chores. One was making a doctor's appointment
for me for Monday to have my blood pressure checked so
I can get a prescription renewal. After lunch John and I
went to Corvallis.

First we went to the library and picked up the books I had
on hold and we found a few others as well. We made a quick
stop at the bank to deposit some rebate checks and then went
to the Folk Club. I found a brown pottery jug with some
wooden utensils for $5 and John found a paperback book for
75 cents. We also went to Goodwill but didn't find anything
there. Then we went to the fabric store to buy fabric for
two new jumpers. Or rather I went to the fabric store while
John stayed in the van and began reading one of the library
books. I noticed there was another man waiting in his truck
while his wife was shopping.

One fabric is a beautiful sage green linen and the other is
a lightweight beige denim. I remembered to buy the
interfacing and matching threads too. We came home just
before the boys were to come home from school and I gave
them a check to pay for their haircuts. It's rather nice
that Marsha's is only two blocks away so it's just a short
walk for them. It was wonderfully warm so I opened some
doors and windows. The camellia bush isn't blooming yet but
the buds seem undamaged so it should be soon especially if
the weather stays so spring-like. I picked the few daffodils
that were blooming and put them in a vase on the dining room
table so we can all enjoy them.

I've prewashed my fabrics and will begin sewing the jumpers
next week. I want to add embellishments to these--probably
appliqued flowers perhaps on the pockets.

I'm going to bed now with my new Ruth Rendell. I've read
about 50 pages of it so far and it's a good read.