lost in the dark
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2002-02-23 04:58:30 (UTC)

Queen of the Damned...

Hey Entry. Just got back from watching the movie "Queen
of the Damned". All that I can say is "Wow". I am totally
speechless. I think that it is one of those movies that if
you watch and took in what is being said, you are going to
find alot of meaning. Watching this movie gives a new view
of what is around you. Head rush to say the lest. The music
enhanced the movie greatly. In this movie I can see myself
not playing the charactor Lestat, but knowing the feeling
that one must feel in that situation. Living the life of
loneliness, is about the only thing that is unbearable. To
see but not to have. The stress that this must cause. The
torment of this on the mind must be emasculate.
Life as it may seem can cause people to think this way.
To some this way of life is not that far away. To have
someone that is close to you to charish and to hold is
something specail. Some people this days don't understand
this, Selfishness causes this. Once you have it you don't
notice it, untill it is gone. Me, myself I have seen this
happen. I still see, read, hear this as I sit here thinking
about the past, the present, and the future. To cherish
once more, to hold, to feel that warmth. There are many
pleasures out there. But, to be able to know that the one
thing that you hold to your breast/ heart is something that
you are going to remember for the rest of your days. and
that will be the most cherished possession you can have.

That is it for now, Entry.

Lost in the Dark...