duff man

just my stuff and what not
2002-02-23 04:43:37 (UTC)

23 feb

man i wanna go to this hell good fucking concert tonight at
the palas oh man! but my loser fucking shit friends are all
oh thatll be shit and blah blah some crap. there so fucking
shit. kyes the only one who said he might go but hes still
at stupid deans and the concert starts in about an hour or
so. kye is so shit. i love him. ali was a hell movie. there
wasnt as much boxing in it as i thought there would be so
thats good. it didnt finish till like mid night. i went
and got a curry last night before i went and it was hell
nice. im going to go thisplace called rajs corner more its
heaps good. today i woke up heaps heaps heaps early like 8
o clock i nearly died. its cos of stupid school and my
stupid body clock. if it were the holidays i would still be
asleep. oh maybe notbut iwouldntve been up for long. i rang
up carlys to see whats going down there and it ws just her
and nathan and i met them at nathans house and wastd time
up at k mart.i bought some chaos jelly beans though. pretty
classy. yeh i borrowed scream of nathan and just finished
watching it. man thats a shit movie. its not scary its just
stupid. but i watched it anyway. i was bored. still am. i
hope kye comes to the concert tonight cos itll be sweet.
hes shit for not jumping at the chance. oh i could go with
dom hes cool. ill get his phone number when i ring kye
back . oh man im sick of typing