Lots of Drama
2000-12-06 05:21:10 (UTC)

Okay I m new at dis so ya ll..

Okay I'm new at dis so ya'll gonna have to be nice. Alright
my nickname is Daisyiee and ya'll can refer to me as that.
I'm a freshmen at Redan High School. I would ofcourse
rather be at Stephenson High School but I can't because
they changed the district. So far it's okay here I guess.
It's already December and I have liked four boys already
three of them being freshmen and one a senoir. The first
one that I liked name is Bobby. Him and my friend in the
7th who lives in my neighborhood decieded to go together
behind my back and lie about it. The second person I used
to like is the senoir and his name is Jarette. My friend
Daria liked him along with me but she liked him alot more
and she still likes him and she starting liking him arund
September. I stopped like Jarette to like a boy named
Jeremy who I have liked since about two or three weeks ago.
Jeremy liked me back and all but he couldn't make up his
mind who wanted to be with and he even said he didn't want
to go with anybody this year. Jeremy had to have been the
most drama I have had so far. He lied to me a couple of
times and that's when I stopped liking him and another
reason why I stopped liking him is because he acted gay and
he was annoying and he was always around and he made me
feel big because he was so skinny and short. He even would talk about
me to my face and hit me he would be joking and all but I bet he
regrets it all now. I currently like a boy named Chris. I don't call
him that though. The way we met is because one day in gym I was
acting silly and I was asking boys if their names were
Patrick Barthalamuel San Jose Scott and they would say yes
or no. One day I was walking and he was just like "No
that's not my name," and I didn't even say anything to him.
So ever since then I've been calling him Patrick. In gym
neither of us don't dress out anymore so that gives me all
the more flirt time. I tease him about chopping his nuts
off and things like that. So now he's sort of scared of me
which is alot of fun. I act like I am gonna kick him and
he'll try to put his hand over where it is. Yesterday I was
on the bleachers with him and I kept trying to kick him and
he tried to throw me off and hit me or feel on me whatever
you wanna think, but he was lucky that we were only on the
second row. After that I stood by him and this boy in my
class named Courtney and he would touch my hand and things
like that. It may not sound like much but I'm a working
progress. Also during gym yesterday I was talking to Daria
and my friend Felecia and he would go over there a couple
times to wave to Daria and they were both doing it to make
me mad. See Daria and Felecia both know I like him but he
doesn't know, I hope. A couple of times he would come over
there and bump into me on purpose and I liked it. Anyhow
today in gym he would walk over there where I was and act
like wasn't over there and wave to Daria again. Sometimes I
would follow him to scare him and he would smile and walk
away paranoed. I told Daria to wave at him just so he would
wave back and I could look mad. I went over there while
they were waving and he climbed up the mats that are in the
gym and went around a railing on some stairs that lead to
the wrestling room and weight room. I sat where he was and
then got down because I felt high up. Then I went up the
stairs with Daria to go mess with him. We went into the
wrestling room and there were people painting and other
people in there tryin' to get freaky. I kept acting like I
was trying to kick him and he had grabbed my leg and I
screamed. Then I tried to kick him again and he grabbed my
leg again but this time my arms were rapped around the
railing. Somehow he managed to get both of my legs so I was
no longer touching the floor and he was inbetween my legs
and he tried to flip me over but he put my legs down.
Throughout the day that whole thing got freakier through my
mind each time I though about him. That afternoon I was on
the phone with Daria and she told me she liked Patrick but
not as much as she liked Jarette though. She had said something about
him always smiling and I said that I noticed it too, but not to sound
conceited, I noticed it everytime I was around messing with him. She
knows I like Patrick alot already and I don't think she would
interfere with that. Daria asked me if I would let him fuck me and if
I would you know *slurp slurp* and I said I would. I don't
plan on letting him find out for an extremely long time but
I do plan on teasing him so he can think I am a freak. Well
I'm finna get mah beauty sleep. I'll hollar at ya'll. Peace.