nothin left to say
2002-02-23 03:41:53 (UTC)

more poetry stuff

in school today i just peaced out of payin attention in my
last 2 classes and i wrote this poem.

Crash and Burn

“please fasten ur seatbelt & prepare 4 take off”
a voice called from somewhere above
i listened but heeded no such warnings
not knowing the meanings of teenage "love"

i sat down in an uncertain seat
scared of the journey through turbulent air
the engines roar & the plane mounts a climb
I’m moving but getting nowhere

feel the power of unbuckled love
as the plane ascends the clouds
this is a joy I feel not worthy of
in bliss w/my queen & crown

an unseen jolt tears my utopia in 2
& the sun has already set
crimson & orange slice through the dark blue
as terrified flames leap from my jet

“please fasten ur seatbelts & pray 2 GOD”
a shattered voice tries to announce
a warning that will go unheeded again
its 2 late, we're goin down

I grip the armrests for dear life
As my white knuckles begin to bleed
It’s sad, the last image I remember before I died
was of you leaving me

i based this poem on love (or my love experiences so far i
should say) and i parralleled it to a plane takin off and
stuff. i think it's allright. it's different from stuff
i've written in the past. i dunno, let me know what u guys