Is the Supercross season not here yet?
2002-02-23 03:30:39 (UTC)

Can you picture me...

Can you picture me making subs? Heh... Well, I just got
hired to work the Subway at Arnold Hall... Fun stuff. The
pays not that bad and there are some cute-ass cadets so
I'll manage... Course knowing me I'll make a fool outta my
self, but oh well life will go on. So heh. Not only am I
an American Greetings "merchandiser," but a subway worker
person... Wow, how so not cool. I need the money *thinks
of her beautiful, wonderful and very orange Billy*. Should
I refer to my car as Billy? B/c Laninovich is long, and
I'm lazy... Hummm *ponders...* Whatever it doesn't really
matter now does it...
Kagome: Just take off your clothes!
Inu-Yasha: BEG me to!!!
Kaeda: ... Close your eyes children
Heh, Inu-Yasha is the bomb! *Explosions* Boom! Or not, ok,
way to much sushi for me ... moving on
Today pretty much sucked... My Engineering teacher told me
I was "really gifted", which I am so not ... and I
completely failed an Algebra test like 25% ouch... But I
did get some cool blue nail polish today... Yep.
Hummm ... my dad gets back tomorrow. Which kinda sucks,
but oh well...
What is up with me and older guys?! Ahhh! Some 25 year
old from Mich. wasn't to send me the Cowboy Bebop movie,
which he stole off the internet... Humm... it was like just
released in Japan and what not... Anyways... At least he's
not like Todd! Ahhh *shrieks and hides* ... Its just my
mature self, riight, sure, uh-huh...
Hummm... Ok boring stuff, but tomorrow I'm opening my
checking account and getting my hair done ... fun? I think
not... Maybe I can go riding...
Ok, well I need to reply to tons of e-mails ... and then
watch a few movies, paint my nails, and finish reading my
Racer X... Its all good!