down in my eyes
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2002-02-23 03:29:38 (UTC)


The phone line's been dead the last few dayz.
It finally reserviced taday.. but.. they've been a
looong few dayz. I've been locked up in my house
without being able to call out, or go online. SUCKS.
But...ya.. it's back.... 'n here i am.

It went to an animal shelter taday, in Baldwin Park,
with a couple "classmates" from work..
Despite the smell, and all the depressing locked up
puppy faces, it was pretty relaxing... I love animals.

When i got home from work, 'n i found out the phone line
was back in service, i immediately ran to the phone to
make a phone call. Guess who was the first person my
fingers seemed to have mechanically dialed...?
Yup. SUCKs.

"And i'm still heere. Waiting. To catch you when you
fall... I don't know why i care so much, when i
shouldn't care at all.."

-The Ataris

Ok, that was productive..