Life is like a bowl of Cherries
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2002-02-23 03:27:24 (UTC)

icing on the cake

So, I'm listening to a really good song, its called "Flower In The
Rain" by Jaci Velesquez. You should check it out, its really good. I
also like the songs "Promise" and "On My Knees" by her. They are
all on her Heavenly Place cd.

So, this past weekend pretty much marked my starting point on an
Easter Pageant at my dads church. Wow, I had rehearsals on saturday
and monday and they were awesome. As everything in the pageant is
falling together, God is teaching me so much about the life of Jesus.
I mean, I see these people rehearse these scenes over and over
again.. and its like, "whoa, this really happened. Jesus really
healed these people, Jesus really did this stuff. Jesus really felt
this way. This IS REAL! THIS REALLY HAPPENED!!!" and its so amazing
to think that the same man that this story is based on is the same
that I pray to every day, this is the same guy I worship all the
time. This was his life. Its not just some story, this is REAL. ANd
its not about the people in the pageant, its not about me, its not
about the big church or all the people who are going to see this
play, this is for God! Everything is for God! We're trying to present
a true story about the best man who ever lived. About the greatest
thing that has ever happend! this is awesome. ANd when I look at it
that way, when I see things in that light, then being upset because
I'm not getting to do some of my normal little things because I have
rehearsals for this seems SO SMALL! you know?

I'm really excited. And not just about the pageant, but about
all that God has planned for me! There is so much I want to learn and

Well, I need to go. Have a wonderful night! By the way, if anyone who
reads this has any prayer requests.. lemme know :)