Mah Life
2002-02-23 02:37:52 (UTC)


Well Stephanies gone untill Tuesday,hopefully I wont have
2 putt up with her untill then. Im talking 2 mah lil homie
Michle, she is so nice. LMAO Shes all yea the first day I
saw you talking to stephanie,I was like um..ok. Shes all
if you went 2 sommerset you wouldnt talk to her,becuz she
was a loser and hung out w/ all geeks. I was hella
laughing. That girl thinks shes all cool,only reason cuz
she copys everyone like me n Jodi!Im supposed 2 go to the
movies 2day,but I'm kind of tired,I've been cleaning my
room like a good girl. I was going to go see Queen of The
damned with Adriana&Angelica&Justine. Today,I was talking
to the twins and I couldnt remember which one I told about
something and Adriana asked me If I could tell them apart.
I was like I have been like best friends with
them for 3 years,I cant belive she asked me that. I took
my oral quiz thing 2 graphic communications. I was hella
stressing about it,I was supposed to have taken it weeks
ago,thats why my grade was an F. I was so shocked he gave
me a B-!!Thats class is so hard. Then I found out that he
hadnt recorded my plate that I burned so I got that in
there...Thank god. Hopefully my grade went way up. I
turned in all the tests so far for this trimester. Then in
math,Amande kept bugging me saying that I was ignoreing
Clint ever sense he told me he liked me,I was like no. I
am, but thats how I get them to stop,avoid them.Claudia
wasnt here 2day so I had 2 ride bus 18 instead. I really
hate that bus, all da losers ride it,but its closer to my
house, and I wasnt going to walk by myself.

Oh yea last night I woke up at like midnight becuz my
brother was like crying and screaming. Then I heard brian
to say to my mom go away dont touch me,or some shit like
that. I was like oh great here we go again. I just shut
my eyes and went to sleep. In the mornig I asked Rob about
it,he told me what had happened. I was actually early to
the bus,infact I was there be4 David R.,showed him!Today
David Down found out that I crossed his picture all out in
the 7th grade year book, Christina told him. He pretended
to be mad,but then he was like just kidding.

I was supposed to watch Tara sing today,but I guess there never
performing for the school again becuz someone threw food at one of
them in 4th lunch. That sucks. This morning Paulina came up to me
and said Taras hella pushing me 2 break up with Brian. I mean she
pushed me to n I wish I would've listened to her. I was like uh
ok,I'll talk to her. Paulina sounded annoyed by her or something,but
like yea me n Tara r like hella cool,what can I say shes my older
In health we have 2 do this perfect boyfried essay thing. All he
had us do so far is write a list of 10 physical apearence things & 20
personality ones. When Jane read my appearence list shes all omg you
describes Brian,n then she showed Tara n Angela,n there all thats
Brian. I was like uhh,I didnt mean to do that on purpose. What can
I say my brothers a cutie,ok yea that doesnt even sound right. But
I've been thinking about how I feel torwards him and if I still liked
him wouldnt I be jealous of seeing him with Paulina,I know I
would,and I'm not,not at all. I miss him sometimes,but hes a much
better brother then a boyfriend(4 me ne wayz). Liz helped me figire
this out shes
hella cool.
Well thats all for now,byebye!