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2002-02-23 01:19:34 (UTC)

Times Change

Hmm...It's been awhile since i have updated this
journal. I have had several happenings in my life since the
last entry. Yes i am still in master's commission although
it is getting super hard. I have never been under so much
stress in my life. Yesterday while i was driving, I broke
down and started crying in my car. I yelled out to God and
asked Him, "Where are you?" Help me!" I felt so alone.
So,..tired. But today i felt so much better. I actually did
some homework. I feel cool now. Hmm..I am still crazy about
this girl. I think about her often. Real often. hehehh.
Last night, we went into the studio again...we have been
going in on random nights at 7pm and been going until about
3 or 3:30am. It has been really demanding. It has been
taking it's toll. But it will all be worth it in the end.
121 more days until END OF DAYS. Yeah. Well, i am
going to go, we have a "Night of brokeness" tonight. It's
when we play worship and just ..uh...worship God. lol.
Well,..i will try and get some kind of sound wav or
something with the songs that we have finished on my
website. Rock on people. God Bless.... :::Tugs ear:::

Latin Scholar