Procrastination is Key
2002-02-23 00:43:19 (UTC)

taco van!!!!

Just thought I would share the funny scene I witnessed
today. There is this van that I see driving around every so
often has big pictures of tacos and stuff, and says
something in spanish- i don't remember what:-p and their
horn plays that "da da da da... da...., da da da da...
da..." hehe i can't remember what its called- but its some
mexican song. Anyway= so we have these massive amounts of
hispanics all around the dorms b/c of the construction of 4
new dorms. So today I saw the van and it blew its little
horn repeatedly and parked in a parking lot- then the
hispanics just came a runnin':-p Just thought it was
amusing- I am sure it is something that you had to see.
This week was pretty cool- went on an outing to
Raleigh(Garner- whatever) to eat with my bestest friend Kat-
Blake, Amber and Michael were there too, but I see them a
lot more often:-p Yummy food- which is always nice. It was a
pretty much stress-free week, i enjoyed that, but I should
have gotten ahead a little on studying for my 2 tests at the
beginning of next week. Chem 41 on monday and geology on
tue. Geology won't be hard, but I want to make sure and
study a little so I can get an A b/c I'll kick myself if I
mess up this easy class. Then there is the long lab report
due thur, boy I love those labs, probably will be stupid and
not start til like 1 on thur though:-p
OK i really have to stop this now so I can turn off the TV-
that stupid geek show is on and I can't handle it!