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2002-02-22 21:47:23 (UTC)

wild child

is it just me? or, is there something in my genetics that
makes me the wild child that i am? just when things are
going soooo well. my love life, home life, work life, life
life. it's al good.

so then, why do i want to stir up trouble? why am i so
damn restless. why is it that i want to cause chaos?

i've got this incurable itch to go travel, to go out and
party. to go out and meet people and to do everything.
it's too weird! is this a normal thing? is this something
that all people go through?

i'm sitting here at work and i haven't done a damn thing!
well, i am answering the phone. woo hoo! other than
that? nothing. i'm bored! i have things to do, but why
do them.