Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-02-22 21:33:27 (UTC)

Running Green.

Odd things and good things are both afoot.

Firstly the odd, because its a bit funny. Well, it is now.

I was in the bath (what? another bath story? surely not!)
ooh, about 15-20 minutes ago. I'd bathed and I was just
about to get up, when I looked at my legs. They were sort
of purple-y. I was a bit bemused. I've been having problems
with my back, the right side of my pelvis seems to be
protruding back further than it ought. Maybe I'm paranoid.
I thought maybe it was cutting the circulation off, and I
was worried. So, what to do?

I scratched my knee. It, well, peeled off. I'd obviously
been caught in the rain with my jeans on and the dye had
drained through. Boy, did I feel a fool.

And the good things? My friend has e-mailed me again, so I
don't have to worry as much on that front.

I feel a lot more sorted now, my only worry is when to eat
and if my pelvis is wierd. I think I'll go now, I'm getting
boring. And if I think that...

WILT? Appropriately enough...Lust For Life - Iggy Pop.

Oh, and I bought It's A Wonderful Life the film today, so
if anyone has a spare evening and wants to spend it with
me. You know where to call.