Trixie Dust

Trixies in the Wind
2002-02-22 20:59:30 (UTC)

I miss my angel so much! I miss..

I miss my angel so much! I miss his touch... just the idea
of him touching me makes my body tingle... I know this is
love, I know it. This is what they write books about, what
ever person in their life seeks to find, this perfect
forgiving sort of love. Lol, okay, were less than the
perfect couple, but we have love. I know, Im young and
stupid, but love is something that you just understand...
something that makes the butterflies flutter ever so
suddenly when they come near, and linger long after theyve
left... something that can just be quenched, it grows worse
and worse as time goes on. Its almost unbearable to think
ive been away from him for 2 months and i have to wait
another almost 4 to see him... Each time i see him I just
love him so much more... lol. I used to gag at the thought
of people being like I am now, but i only sickened myself
out of jealousy. I thought id be someone who would never
find love and was doomed forever, for every time i thought
i had it it slipped away. But theres something different
about this... I know this isnt just a game... his heart
istn just a toy and niether is his love, this is real, and
as far away as he is tangible, and I for him, im just as
impressionable, just as sensitive to his every move and
thought... I miss him.

I love you so much my angel, and forever by your side I
shall stand.

- Tricia -