The Useless Drag of Another Day
2001-05-02 22:39:25 (UTC)

lost the luster...

May 2, 5:29 p.m.
song of the moment: typical man by lava baby (go to their
website, PLEASE!!!!! they're wonderful! www.lavababy.com)

love, peace, empathy, mischief, desire and gladness...i
question why i end everything with that. a wish, a
yearning, a hope...what the hell am i trying to say and who
am i saying it to? myself or to the reader or is it a
desperate call to whatever. these arent even real things.
love isnt real. i cannot see it. i cannot hold it. it is
nothing more than a feeling, one that i cannot even be sure
really exists. but these are the things that i value. i
value the unseen. because that which is unseen is the only
thing that is uncorrupted and pure. because we, myself,
ruin everything we set our eyes upon, even if only in our
minds. our anger, our hate, influences everything. every
molecule of every thing that surrounds us. i want to be
part of the unseen. i want to become it. to breathe it, to
feel it, to reflect it all. everything. but if i cannoy all
i can do is imitate. and pray that every facet of
everything and every people i encounter does the same. i
want to be a reflection of the unseen. love, peace,
empathy, mischief, desire and gladness...