El Diablo
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2002-02-22 20:20:20 (UTC)

Another day goes by......

Dear Diary,

There was nothing special about 2day. Mum and me went
shopping in Lamcy. She bought some vegetables.....i hung
around. I watched rush hour 2 for the 14th time (my record
is watching the metrix 26 times). I have decided to buy the
Mitsubishi Lancer. We were working out the finnantial stuff
2day. i love that car.....dont like the outside shape
though, but it rides like a dream.
Life suddenly seems too boring to do anything. Need to work
on my projects and tests for next week, but just dont have
the right mood for it. I have one more day of holiday left,
so i better do something tomorrow or else i am toast.
Well nothing else to report. will now listen to a cd given
to me by a friend and try to sleep.
Last night even after logging off at 3:30 i coudent sleep
much. Got up again at about sevenish. Lets hope i get some
sleep tonight.

Take care