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2002-02-22 19:39:52 (UTC)

1 more day!!!

Tomorrow I leave for indianapolis for a week!!! I'm soo
excited...litening to some bands, comedians, going to some
seminars...ahhh...I am soo excited :) Yipppeeee!!!! Last
ngiht was amazingly fun!! We had a rather funn incident
where we had to be really scandalis and break into erins
brothers apartment with a credit worked, we
thought that only worked on tv...hehe so anyways we got our
party on then went to the was very fun :) Got
my grove on and had a blast!! The WHOLE night I had been
thinking, "when I get home I am going to call brian" so
when I got home I called brian...and he was almost in mount
pleasant!!! I was ecstatic!!! SO he and mike came over,
and Erin came over and we all hung out until like 4
was so fun!! Then they went to the casino and we went to was soo nice....I LOOOOVE when he just comes all
unannounced...I wish he could do that every day! SO
anyways, I'll see you all in a week!!!

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