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2002-02-22 17:26:27 (UTC)

Life in general

Well problems have heaped up on me again, but once again
I've shown that I can bounce back from them. I'm owed
about 277 dollars because Rachel's mom is a dip sometimes.
Either that or her bank is just as poor at taking care of
things as mine seems to be. The good news is, I solved the
problem with my bank, so I'm not short another 217 dollars
that I shouldn't be short on. On top of this, I think I'm
starting to feel the effects of all this stress. Every so
often, I still get a bit upset that I love someone so much
I'll do anything for her, and yet the most I'm ever going
to get out of it is a thanks and a hug.....something from a
friend. It's ok though, I'm dealing with it. Life sucks
sometimes, and on those occasions, it's the worst, but I
always deal. Those are my strongest moments of weakness
though....when all I really want is someone to come and sit
and put their arm around my shoulder, and let me lean into
someone else for support, instead of being the support for
everyone. I'm happy more now, mostly because I've gotten
over being hurt about Rachel, but there are those times
when all I really want to do is lie down and just forget
the world even exhists.

On a better side of things, Candi is doing well now, not
having as many problems. She's starting to take things
better and not be as upset about her and her husband
seperating. Like me, she has down moments, but she's
getting fewer and fewer now.

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