little mind farts...
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2002-02-22 16:29:23 (UTC)

and the ball drops...

here i am again. caught up in yet another crush that i
know nothing will come of. it's weird b/c this guy is 20
and as much as i would like something to happen,
realistically speaking i don't think that anything will;
well not right now at least. as a matter of fact, i talked
about him in this diary b/f...he is the incrediably smart
guy that i wanted to call but was too afriad that i had
nothing to say, nick remember? well this time i like him
alot more for reasons that only he and i are aware of. :0)
the bell rang i gotta go but i do wanna chat more later.
so i guess today my lovely readers (if any lol) well get
two entries.

much luv,
michelle :0)

p.s. i have come to alot of personal realizations. :0)

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