Deep Down
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2002-02-22 16:28:25 (UTC)

Missing Piece of My Puzzle

All the words I wish your fingers could feel
All the times I've wished you could know the silent sorrow
lying stiff in my throat
like cold and broken teeth

I wish you could hear the child that cries in my flesh and
makes my bones ache

I wish you could speak to my fear

I wish you could hold me in your arms like oceans
and soothe what my muscles remember
All the bruises, all the sour hope
All the screams and scraped knees
The cloudy days so dark
I wondered if my eyes were even open

The days that I felt like August, and that I too, would
soon turn to fall.

***I did not mean to disappear. I feel evil towards you
know. If there is anything I can do for you to forgive
me....my eyes, ears, and heart are well open to your

With all my love inside this little heart,
Issac Martin Hendricks